Blink Shell: Mosh & SSH Client

Blink Shell: Mosh & SSH Client

von Carlos Cabanero

  • Kategorie: Utilities
  • Veröffentlicht: 2016-09-27
  • Aktuelle Version: 13.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 40.98 MB
  • Developer: Carlos Cabanero
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
von 46 Bewertungen


We had no choice. We had to build Blink or we were going to jump out the window in frustration over the tools we were using. We started by analyzing what the must-haves were and we ended up grounding Blink on these four concepts: • Fast rendering: dmesg in your Unix server should be instantaneous. We can't wait even a second to render. We didn't need to reinvent the wheel to make this happen. We simply used Chromium's HTerm to ensure that rendering is perfect and fast, even with those special, tricky encodings. • Always on: Mosh transcends SSH's variability. Mosh overcomes the unstable and intermittent connectivity that we all associate with mobile connections. You can check your Safari without fear of having to restart the SSH connection. You can flawlessly jump from home, to the train, and then the office thanks to Mosh. Blink is rock-solid connected all the way. Mosh is readily available and can be easily installed on your server. Go to • Best Keyboard Support: Blink embraces Bluetooth-coupled keyboards with gusto. But there's more, because we want more. Some like Caps as Esc on Vim, others Caps as Ctrl on Emacs. Blink champions them all. During your always-on sessions, you're in your zone. • Custom Fonts and Themes: We know how important it is to have your terminal, your way. That's why we include a selection of fonts and themes, including Powerline variants. And if that isn't enough, you can create and add your own. But, Blink is much more. Please read on. • You should command your terminal, not navigate it. Blink will jump you right into a friendly shell and it'll be clear to you how to roll. • The interface is straightforward. We dumped all menus and went full screen for your terminal. Use swipe to move between your open connections, slide down to close them, and even pinch to zoom! • Configure your Blink connections by adding your own Hosts and RSA Encryption keys. Synchronise with iCloud. Everything will look familiar and you get to work, fast! We've incorporated SplitView, for those necessary Google searches and chats with coworkers. Blink is open source software. Participate in our community, and don’t forget to leave us your feedback and your feature(s) requests. Enjoy!



  • Almost perfect

    von Ralf Krause
    Over the years I‘ve tried several SSH clients for iOS devices. Blink is definitely the best one. What I like most is that blink doesn‘t waste space on the screen for other things. I get a full screen terminal screen. Well done. I‘m using vi on Linux very often and that‘s the reason why I‘m missing the ESC key under iOS. That there is no ESC key under iOS is of course not a problem of the developers of blink. I guess with different keyboard layouts there are keys which no one needs or using extremely seldom. On my German keyboard it‘s this one: ° One feature which I would love to have is that I can define the key or combination of keys which is used as ESC key by myself. So if would be happy if I would be able to define that key in combination with another one that would be perfect. That’s the only reason why you don‘t get 5 stars. You will get them if that feature is integrated. I guess other users would like to see that feature integrated as well.
  • Excellent

    von Nico Duv
    « Le prix s’oublie mais la qualité reste. »
  • 1 star till no ignore option for “ssh host key changed” is being fixed

    von CodeInspector
    Recently doing setus with changing host keys. On a Unix system I easily could delete the known host line. But not so here. How can I connect to a host which’s sah key has changed? Please tell me or fix this bug and I’ll update the rating. Thank you.
  • great way to merge usability for shells and mobility

    von macwinnie
    Blink is a great solution for mobile usage of different shells – especially that it supports mosh besides ssh sessions makes my tool for shell. The usability – i.e. to use the command `config` within the primary opening shell for configuring the app itself – is another way to addict shell enthusiasts =) I‘m loving this app for being mobile with my shell(s) =D
  • Rock solid connection, no more disturbances

    von hiram333
    I love it! I’m far from being an routined command line pro and I probably use only a small subset of the functionality provided by Blink, but I started developing my static Hugo sites via iPad on my Linode to be more flexible while traveling. And Blink was with the persistent mosh shell the missing link. Not only won't I get hassled anymore with the 10 minute over notifications from Prompt, which have been hugely distracting, but also the typing of commands is much more real-time without the delays. So all together a great win in the tool chain, to not worry anymore about the connection to the server while I’m either in Textastic or working on images or ... get distracted by anything else. Which brings the iPad much closer to being a great development environment from the table setup with Bluetooth keyboard to cuddled up on the couch or being jammed in on the train. Thanks to the developers!!!
  • Game-changer!

    von ct181
    I've been using two or three different SSH apps in the past, mostly for emergencies and smaller sysadmin tasks. But when I tried to do more extensive dev & ops work for a new client, all of them turned out to be slightly buggy/annoying in one way or another. Then, Blink finally turned my iPad into a proper laptop replacement suitable for all-day work! The mosh protocol is already brilliant by itself, but it's Blink's flawless terminal emulator and well-designed interface that makes it so easy (and so much fun) to work with. I'm now using my iPad even when I'm on-site with access to one of my client's desktop workstations! Sometimes I'm sad that Blink/mosh doesn't support agent or port forwarding, but so far I've always found acceptable workarounds and I wouldn't want to trade Blink for anything else anymore! Thanks for making this great app!
  • No ed25519 keys supported, unable to connect.

    von Hessijames79
    Trying to connect to my server I was unable to add my ssh key. Without a conclusive error message I had to consult the internet to find out that ed25519 keys are not supported. This huge limitation makes the app completely unusable for me. It should be clearly mentioned in the app description of this rather expensive app.
  • Excellent

    von AkiraLukas
    I had been waiting for this.
  • Super!

    von Maze K.
    Mosh via Blink and is perfect team! Connections to my shell survive any mobile connection losses. I love blink. Though I could compile my own version I was more than happy to pay 20€ to honor all the work you guys put into this sleek terminal! Rock on!
  • i love it

    von Ggftrwqs
    So far it's just worked. No gui crap and impressively fast. I also love the font scaling. Great tool.