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  • P2W

    von ThaNorth
    Extremer Grind und extremer p2w. Wer richtig Geld ausgeben will, ist hier genau richtig. Dieses Spiel zementiert den Abstieg Blizzards vom Spieleolymp zur Abzocker-Ramsch-Bude.
  • Boring pay to win.

    von smartkidsgaming
    Very boring grind every day. Lvl 1100. There is no competitive part without spending real money. Also you must to open the game every day, to complete daily activities or your char will be even more weak. There is no interesting difficulty to beat mobs. If your lvl lower, mobs will get unreal resistance, and if you char is on the same lvl - you beat them very easy. Typical trash mobile grind. Boring updates and events. Too much casino style, you get random 98% trash gems, 98% trash rewards, 98% trash cosmetics. 1 star game.
  • Drecksspiel

    von NoCommentLol
    Wer sagt dieses Spiel wäre gut oder es würde spaß machen verarscht sich nur selbst. Das ist der größte Pay to Win Dreck überhaupt boykottiert das Spiel wenn ihr nur ein wenig Hirn besitzt
  • Pay 2 Win

    von eXpOinT
    And i spend more then 1.000 EUR and still i was not even a whale… Be careful don’t do the same mistake… I was addicted. And could not control my spending behaviour. Im in therapy now and will never touch this game again… and i was a Blizzard Fan Boy… Purchased everything… But i think this game also marks the downfall of Blizzard as real gamer centric company.
  • Diablo Iv sehr zu empfohlen

    von Tbenedip
    Leider sehr geil auf dem Handy und auf Spielkonsolen.
  • Nice game but pay to play and pay to win

    von Reinhold Ray
    So I would like to give 5 stars and I would have done so if it was possible to buy some sort of full version of it and then be done spending money. Even if there was a monthly fee I think this game would be fantasic. But the way that it's built right now, you can put unlimited amounts of money into the game to dominate everey other player in pvp and pve. And on top of that there are parts of the game that are behind a paywall like the rifts you get legendary gems from. You need a certain item to even access this.
  • Worst pvp

    von Vohal
    Pvp in diablo Immortal is the worst i have ever ecperienced in all Multiplayer Games troughout the many years of Gaming
  • Leider kein Diablo inside

    von PittSchnass
    Man bekommt nur Pay2Win. Da stehe ich mal gar nicht drauf!
  • Many fake reviews

    von R. Nieuwpoort
    Once you get to max level you will find out this game is purely pay 2 win
  • Ultra Settings

    von ortsvorwahl030
    Weder das iPhone 15 Pro Max, noch das Galaxy Tab S9+ unterstützen die Ultra Settings. Sehr schade.