Therapy Sleep & Meditation App

Therapy Sleep & Meditation App

von Vulcan Labs Company Limited


Having a hard time shutting your mind off and falling asleep? Therapy Sleep & Meditation App helps you quiet the thoughts, get rid of any tension and breathe deeply to relax and sleep better with a variety of relaxing melodies, sleep sounds and white noises. How it works: Resting the mind and falling asleep can be difficult at times, when you still have different matters to care at the end of the day. The process of calming the mind and body is unique to everyone, but listening to soothing and relaxing sounds has been scientifically proven to help relax your body for a better sleep quality. It will help free your mind from all your inner complexes, immaturities, unproductive reflexes and habits to maintain your body and spirit under calm. We give you the ability to pick your preferred sounds, melodies, and frequencies in different categories. Scroll through our comprehensive library of sounds, mix them together, adjust their volumes, set a timer, and embark on a peaceful journey to explore and balance your Inner Mind. Our library is carefully curated to break down any stress, anxiety, or tension you may be experiencing. Choose from over 100+ Sounds, Melodies, and Frequencies such as: + Nature sounds + Animal sounds + Urban noises + White noises + Water sounds + Meditation melodies + Healing frequencies Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Any questions? Contact us: