acQuire Arena 4.2

acQuire Arena 4.2



The acQuire Arena app streamlines your data capture processes. Pit technicians sampling blastholes in the pit or geologists collecting surface samples can capture data with a modern and seamless interface optimised for both smartphone and tablet. Simply login using your GIM Suite 4.2 login details and synchronise any data capture forms created and shared by your database manager. Once a form is synchronised to your device, you can start collecting data. Features: Mobile blasthole sampling Visualise blastholes through an interactive map and capture samples from your mobile device. Mobile field data capture Field workers and geologists can capture samples and field observations on simple, user-friendly forms and instantly validate their data at the point of capture. Built for GIM Suite The acQuire Arena mobile app is fully integrated with your GIM Suite software. Synchronised and consistent business rules and validations are applied across the solution, making a rapid and efficient experience to capture quality data. Works in any situation Validation rules applied at the point of capture, no matter what environment you’re working in, ensures you’re capturing and managing your data correctly from the get-go. Streamlined synchronisation You can synchronise your data from the field or pit to your central database with the tap of a finger. Additionally, data capture forms created or updated by database managers can be synchronised directly to mobile devices. Simple, rapid synchronisation means your entire crew is working from a single source of truth and can make smarter decisions faster. Smart ways to use your smartphone The app takes advantage of built-in smartphone technologies for barcode scanning and location tracking, so you can use one device to do the job of three. Please note: This app requires active acQuire GIM Suite 4.2 licensing to operate.