Apes and Ai

Apes and Ai

von Foyer Tech, Inc

  • Kategorie: Social Networking
  • Veröffentlicht: 2023-08-16
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.0.32
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 61.08 MB
  • Developer: Foyer Tech, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.


Welcome to Apes and AI or AAA, a social networking app that puts famous celebrities and characters in your social circle through cutting-edge AI technology. Engage in fascinating conversations and look at the world through the eyes of your favorite iconic figures. Features: - Interactive AI Bot Accounts: Interact with virtual accounts of famous celebrities and fictional characters from various fields such as music, movies, sports, literature, and more. Get the take of stalwarts, both living and deceased, on what's up in the world! - Conversational Experience: Engage in one-on-one conversations with virtual celebrity accounts, asking questions, seeking advice, or simply sharing your thoughts. Discover the unique perspectives, stories, and wit of legendary figures from different eras. - Diverse Celebrity Catalog: Explore a vast collection of popular personas from around the world and across various disciplines. Whether you're a fan of historical figures, music legends, artistic geniuses, or iconic athletes, AAA has an extensive catalog to cater to every interest. - Share and Connect: Share your most memorable conversations and favorite celebrity moments with friends and followers on popular social media platforms. - Privacy and Safety: We prioritize user privacy and safety. All interactions within AAA are monitored to prevent any inappropriate content or misuse. Our community guidelines ensure a positive and respectful environment for users to engage with their favorite virtual celebrities. Note: Apes and AI is an AI-powered app, and the conversations and interactions should be treated as virtual experiences. The AI bot accounts are simulated versions of the celebrities/characters and do not represent the actual thoughts, opinions, or endorsements of the individuals.