Erika Hypnotherapy

Erika Hypnotherapy

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Are you stuck in a cycle of procrastination, negative self-talk, or unhealthy habits? Do you feel like you're your own biggest obstacle on the path to your goals? Does the thought of your daily to do list cause you to feel Stressed, Anxious and Overwhelmed? Erika Hypnotherapy provides Hypnotic Programming Audios and Guided Meditations to help you overcome Self-Sabotaging Behaviors such as: Procrastination Perfectionism People Pleasing Negative Self-Talk Avoiding Risks (Fear of Failure or Fear of Success) Avoiding Confrontations and so much more. These incredibly relaxing audios will target the limiting beliefs behind the self-sabotaging behaviors by speaking durectly to your Subconscious Mind aiding you to reach your goals easily and effortlessly.